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3D Modeling
Starting from a simple 2D concept or a photo is possible to realize a three-dimensional model with the help of CAD software, polygonal modeling software and especially digital sculpting (sculpting).
The sculpting, than the traditional polygonal modeling, allows one hand to represent very detailed figures comprising millions of polygons without altering the fluidity of labor during the modeling, the other to make changes very quickly by reducing, during the design phase, rates and speeds .
File format in .stl (.obj) or .iges (.step) after reverse engineering.
Development and optimization
Obtained the digital model is passed to the phase of optimization and quality control (undercuts, thickness, volume, etc.) According to the use to which it is intended:
- Molds for industrial production in the sectors thermoforming, plastic injection molding and casting molds. (All the elements with which the mold must be equipped, plates, brackets, etc., are agreed with the manufacturers);
- Render fotorealitici for presentations, market research or advertising graphics on any sales packages.
CNC Milling
Finally we pass to the stage of completion of the prototype and CNC molds.
Using two CNC milling machines with 3 and 4-axis, digital models are made of aluminum, plastic or wood. The timing of completion of each object depend on the size, the level of detail and the degree of surface finish to be obtained.
Each element is then machined finished and polished by hand.

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